Katie Fritz exhibited the Champion February Ram Lamb at the 2010 National Junior Southdown Show.  This ram is Pr 85 and is goes back to our 173 bloodlines.  We are expecting some nice lambs out of him this year.


Reserve National Southdown Wether
2010 National Southdown Junior Show
Shown by: Chris Taverine


Preston Crenwelge has done a great job this year.  Not only was the lamb the Champion Southdown at the Kerr County Fair, but he was the Champion Southdown and Reserve Grand Champion Lamb at the Dripping Springs Ag Boosters Show. 


Stefani Petersen had the Reserve Champion Ewe at the 2010 San Angelo Open Breeding Sheep Show. With Stephani is her twin brother Stefan and her father Jim Petersen. The Petersen's have had a very good year!


Sterling Scott from Lubbock, Texas exhibited the Reserve Champion Southdown at the 2010 San Antonio Livestock Show. Other high placing winners included, Class 3: Kassidy Wilkinson 1st, Hailey Fitting 2nd, and Caleb Kott 3rd. Class 4 Cassidy Fitting was 2nd, and Class 5 Sterling Scott 2nd and Chris Taveirne. Congratulations to all our feeders.


Tamara Kott had the Champion and Reserve Champion Ram, and Chris Taveime had the Champion Ewe at the San Antonio Junior Breeding Sheep Show



Successful Show at San Antonio: From Left- Right
Judge Brad Roeder, Tamara Kott- Champion Ram, Chris Taveime- Reserve Champion Ram, Stepanie Peterson- Reserve Champion Ewe and Haley Fitting Champion Ewe


Tamara Kott and Chris Taveirne together Swept the Open and Junior Southdown Show at Ft. Worth. Tamara had Supreme Ram of the Open Show, Reserve Supreme Ram of the Junior Show, and Reserve Champion Southdown Ram of both Shows. Chris had the Champion and Reserve Champion Southdown Ewe of the Open Show and Supreme Champion Ewe of the Junior Show. Congratulations to both kids!



Champion Southdown 2010 Fort Worth Livestock Show
Shown by: Hayden Brown of Midland, Texas
This lamb was lot #10 at our April sale last year and was sired by B252.


Champion Southdown 2010 South Plains Fair
Champion Southdown
West Texas Battle on the Border
Shown by: Paige Williams
This lamb is out of our Y 39 ram.



1st Place Class 2 Southdown 2010 State Fair of Texas
Shown by: Chris Taveirne


Champion Southdown at Mason County
Shown by: Rylie Ruffin


Champion and Reserve Southdown at Travis County
Shown by: Chris Taveirne
Lamb out of G14


Supreme Champion Breeding Sheep and Reserve Champion at Wilson County Livestock Show
Shown by: Stephanie and Stephan Peterson